Cornish Slate Base

Cornish Slate Base


Our slate bases can be used in a bathroom to hold soaps and pots, or as a table centre-piece to display candles / diffusers / vases.


The slate is native to Cornwall and is sourced from a quarry in the village of Delabole. 


Each piece varies in look and shape and in some you will see specks of yellow, called 'Cornish Gold'.  This pyrite is iron sulphide and can occur naturally in Cornish slate.


Our Tin Mine / Wave icon is expertly carved into the slate by a craftsman based in the historical Cornish tin mining area of Pool.


The slate base is treated to protect it from spills and they have cork feet for protect the surfaces below.


Each piece is about 25cm long and 10cm wide.  The thickness of the slate varies but will be around 0.5-1.0cm.