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Why we love Sea Buckthorn

Sea Buckthorn is an extremely hardy plant that can withstand temperatures below 40 degrees celcius, and it grows naturally along the shore line of the North East Atlantic regions. It produces orange-yellow berries, which have been used over centuries as food, traditional medicine and skin treatment.

Pollen grains from Sea Buckthorn have been found in UK soil deposits dating back 10,000 years, implying it was one of the first plants that brought vegetation back to Britain in the centuries following the ice age.

It is said that Sea Buckthorn contains more than 60 antioxidants, many vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids and more than 20 minerals. It has excellent moisturising properties, and is considered restorative to aging skin due to its high concentration of Vitamin C. It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which can help reduce the swelling and redness associated with skin conditions such as eczema.

Sea Buckthorn is not only great for your skin, but it's colour also naturally turns our soap a fantastically vivid shade of orange. For more information on Sea Buckthorn, we suggest you read: Reader's Digest Field Guide to Trees and Shrubs of Great Britain.

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