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Why soap? The origins of TIN SHORE

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Soap was the starting point for TIN SHORE and it was and still is a family affair.

At the time the TIN SHORE started I had left my Cornish motherland, to live and work in the Caribbean (via a 15 year stint in the City of London). My skin was dry, itchy, wrinkly, red & white, covered in freckly moles and showed every bit of exhausted life I had lived. My mind and body was tired and I longed for the life, energy and sanctuary that I experienced every time I went back to my North East Atlantic base in Cornwall.

I shared this with my parents, and my mother being a gardener (a gardener who actually trained, qualified and worked as a horticulturalist her entire life) and my father a chemist (a pharmacist who know's more than most people about medicines and how they work) we applied these skills to the Cornish environment and created the first TIN SHORE soap range.

Using some of the unique plants from this region and applying a mix that is kind to weather battered skin, we trialled many formulas on the kitchen worktop, asked friends and family to test and ultimately sent our first range the the assessors to create an EU approved and safely regulated product to share with anyone who values our passion.

Soap was the starting point and will always be at the core of TIN SHORE and its aim to bring North East Atlantic freshness, energy and sanctuary into daily life.

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