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The wonders of Evening Primrose

In the North East Atlantic, Evening Primrose grows wildly in the sand dunes around the coast. Blooming lasts from late spring to late summer, with the flowers opening very fast in the evening and only lasting until the following noon. This is a fantastic spectacle if you ever get a chance to spend a summer evening sat on the sand dunes on the Cornish coast.

Almost all parts of the evening primrose are edible and medically or cosmetically applicable. This includes the roots, leaves, blossoms, flower buds and seeds.

We use Evening Primrose Oil in our Atlantic Dunes soap. The oil comes from the seed of the plant and is high in Omega-6 fatty acid. which (although not scientifically proven) traditional medicine suggests helps ease eczema symptoms, smooth wrinkles and prevent acne.

This photo of a vivid yellow evening primrose flower was taken in the sand dunes walking distance from where our soaps are made in Cornwall, UK.

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