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Mixing, melting, pouring and storing. How we make our soap.

At Tin Shore we make our artisan soaps using a method called Cold Process, but what is this and how does it work?

There are many wonderful resources that go into great depth on this soap making process, but in short - once we have developed and approved our bespoke recipes, we set about accurately measuring and mixing the oils with Sodium Hydroxide. This delicate process is when the 'saponification' happens - and the oils are chemically changed into a soap.

We carefully transfer this mixture into moulds and cut them a day later. The soaps are then cured for a minimum of four weeks, before being boxed and shared with the world.

This process is where the skill and passion of our Cornish based soap makers comes to life.

We'll be sharing many updates on our production process - as we want you to understand how and where your soaps are made. The attached picture is from a test batch made in January 2021.

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