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Tin Shore is a company unashamedly inspired by and created from our passion for the wild Atlantic coast.

The air is fresh, the wind is invigorating, the sea is wild, the plants are beautiful yet strong, the sounds are meditative, the environment is clean.

These are the elements we focus on when creating our Atlantic inspired range of soaps. It is this natural energy that we want people who use and share our soaps to experience.

But it is not just a concept ... we use only natural plant oils and minerals to make our soap, and where we can we source ingredients from the region. We also use Atlantic based crafters to make our artisan soaps, and aim to work with other businesses in the region to support our community.

And of course - we love our planet so use recyclable packaging and do not use palm oil in our production. We also commit to constantly evolving our practices and products to help ensure the Atlantic coast that inspires us stays fresh, invigorating, wild, beautiful & strong, meditative and clean.

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