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Driven by the sea, sheltered by the shore. The Tin Shore ethos.

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Tin Shore is inspired by the sea and shore of the North East Atlantic. It is a range of products and solutions that capture the energy and rawness of the ocean and the serenity and safety of the shore.

For me, this is the way you feel alive, energised, inspired and secure when immersed in the nature of the area.

The North East Atlantic region (and for me specifically, Cornwall) has a culture and environment that is unique and through our products we believe this can be a source of inspiration to people around the world.

We aim to use ingredients that are indigenous to the region. Plants such as Sea Buckthorn which is an exceptionally hardy plant and is used in anti-aging cosmetics and Evening Primrose which helps red-itchy skin and grows in the sand dunes around the coast (although the coconut and olive oil we use as a base for our soaps come from much warmer climates).

We also aim to employ people and use manufacturing techniques that are based in the region. This means our cold process soaps are made by hand in our micro-soapery (shed) in Cornwall, and our range of bath ware is sourced from artisan crafters around the North Atlantic. Not only does this enable us to build on the high quality skills and craftsmanship that is deep rooted in the area, but it helps build careers in a beautiful yet impoverished part of Europe.

We love the region, and the love we have is applied to the products we design, the way we produce them, and how share them with the world. We want to share a little bit of North East Atlantic awesomeness with everyone.

... and of course, all our products are natural, ethically produced, cruelty free, environmentally friendly and where relevant scientifically assessed and approved for use on your skin.

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