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About Tin Shore

Who we are and what do we do

Tin Shore is an Atlantic-inspired, luxury artisan soap producer - with a commitment to care for your body and the environment.


We are a small team led by a retired chemist and a horticulturist.  Together we develop and handcraft natural soaps inspired by the bracing elements of the Atlantic coast.  We also source beautiful slate that is native to the Cornish landscape and craft them for use in our homes.

The name 'Tin Shore' is linked to the world heritage tin mining industry in Cornwall in the South West UK and the spectacular coastline in this small corner of the world.  This environment is the soul of Tin Shore.

It is the energy of this part of the North East Atlantic coast that we want to capture and share through our range of soaps and slate bases.  The air is fresh, the wind is invigorating, the sea is wild, the plants are beautiful yet strong, the sounds are meditative, the environment is clean.

But it is not just a concept ... we create scents reminiscent of the Atlantic shore and use natural ingredients that are kind to the skin of people who have spent their lives immersed in this environment.  We also make our soaps by traditional handcrafted methods on the North Cornwall coast.

The natural environment is our inspiration and our sanctuary and we commit to constantly evolve our practices and products to help ensure the Atlantic coast that drives us stays fresh, invigorating, wild, beautiful & strong, meditative and clean.

And because it is at the heart of what we do, we will care for your body by using wisely developed and assessed formulations.

Our Story: About Us

Tin Shore - our commitment to the environment, your body and craftsmanship

Our Story: Projects
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Our commitment to the ENVIRONMENT

The natural environment is at the core of our business, and we create and sell our products with care for the environment at the front of our mind.

1) We use recyclable packaging & avoid plastic

2) We do not use palm-oil as an ingredient in our products

Our commitment to your BODY

Our skincare products are governed by the 'UK Cosmetics Regulation' and assessed for safety - so you can be assured they’re kind to your skin.  But in addition:

1) We focus on using naturally occurring plant and mineral ingredients

2) We source ingredients that help look after weather worn skin

Our commitment to CRAFTSMANSHIP

It is important to us that our products are not only inspired by the North East Atlantic, but that we work with and learn from the skills of artisans in the region.

1) We design our products within the North East Atlantic region 

2) We learn from craftsmen in the region & apply these skills to our business

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