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About Our Soaps

Things to know about Tin Shore soaps

HANDMADE:  At Tin Shore we make our soaps by hand using natural ingredients.  This means each bar of soap is unique and looks slightly different to the mass-produced soap most people are used to.  

COLOUR:  We do not use any artificial colours in our soaps.  Most of the soaps are a cream / white colour, but our Atlantic Botany soap is bright orange from the seabuckthorn oil.

SCENT:  We use a blend of natural 'essential oils' to create the rich aromas that come from the soaps.

CURING: We make our soap by mixing oils/butters with sodium hydroxide in a chemical process called saponification.  We let our soaps cure for a minimum of 5 weeks before selling to ensure the bars have had time to fully harden. 

PACKAGING:  Our core soaps are wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a cardboard box (we work with printers who focus on sustainable sources and all packaging is recyclable).

Our Soaps: About Us


All our soaps use our special formulation of coconut oil, shea butter, sunflower oil, cocoa butter, olive oil, castor oil, sea salt, citric acid, kaolin and additional oils specific to each bar.  But why do we use these ingredients?

Kaolin:  This ingredient is sourced and mined in Cornwall, South West UK. Not only does it help retain the scent of the essential oil, but it also delivers a silky / creamy effect which enables the soap to glide across the skin - particularly useful when shaving. 

Cocoa  Butter / Shea Butter / Coconut Oil:  These ingredients come in solid form and provide good moisturising and skin nourishing properties - important for skin exposed to sun, salty sea water and wind which can all dry out the skin.

Sunflower Oil:  Not only does sunfower oil have moisturising properties, but it also helps create the rich lather.

Castor Oil:  This oil acts as a humectant retaining moisture in the skin.  It also enhances the silky feel of the soap.

Citric Acid:  This useful ingredient helps the soap work in both soft and hard water areas. 

Sea Salt:  Adding salt helps enhance the firmness of the bar and acts as a gentle exfoliant.

These are some of the core ingredients that we use in our range of Atlantic soaps, but it is the unique formulation that enables all ingredients to work together to create our Atlantic-inspired soaps.  For full details of the ingredients in each bar visit the product pages.

Our Soaps: About


We want everyone to use and enjoy our soaps, so we price as competitively as we can for a small batch, artisan product, with natural ingredients.  We believe our soaps make a perfect gift for almost anyone and can form part of daily skincare regime for people with weather worn skin who value natural ingredients.

Our Soaps: About Us
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